Chief Operations Officer job description

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Hiring for this role ?

Recruiting for the Chief Operations Officer position?

Are you starting your recruiting process for the position of Head of Operations in your company and wondering how to start creating a job offer? We’re here to help. We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you below, which will help you understand what Head of Operations is responsible for. Once you have got to know it, feel free to use our job offer template as a whole or as an inspiration in your recruitment.

What Chief Operations Officer does?

Head of Operations is responsible for operating activity of the organization. Head of Operations plans operations in various departments, manages the operation of many units, and increases the efficiency of the company.

Hiring for Chief Operations Officer role?
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Role in the organization:​

If you have successful experience in the position of Head / Director of Operations, you are a born leader, and business has no secrets from you – it seems that we are meant for each other. We are waiting for your application.

Our requirements

  • At least three years of experience in a similar position
  • Experience in building an operational strategy
  • Understanding of business functions and experience in operational management
  • Very good communication skills
  • Knowledge about the operation of various organizational units
  • Experience in managing strategy and team
  • Knowledge of business systems (CRM, ERP)
  • Ability to analyze data
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Higher education in the field of the subject

Your responsibilities

  • Building the company’s operational strategy
  • Management of subordinate departments
  • Supervision over all operations carried out in the company
  • Implementing improvements and optimization
  • Defining and optimizing procedures
  • Best practice of resource and budget management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Taking care of the highest quality of customer service
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Data analysis and drawing conclusions

What we offer?

  • The opportunity to develop and improve your competences within interesting projects
  • Work in a well-coordinated team of specialists in their field
  • Great freedom in making decisions
  • Working with the most modern toolset
  • Team integration events and endless coffee and tea
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