Sourcing Specialist

Starting recruitment for Sourcing Specialist position?
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Recruiting for the Sourcing Specialist position?

Are you starting your recruiting process for the position of Sourcing Specialist in your company and wondering how to start creating a job offer? We’re here to help. We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you below, which will help you understand what the Sourcing Specialist is responsible for. Once you have got to know it, feel free to use our job offer template as a whole or as an inspiration in your recruitment.

What does a Sourcing Specialist do?

The Sourcing Specialist is responsible for finding ideal candidates for the given positions using social media and specialized platforms.

Role in the organization:

We are looking for people to join our HR team for the position of Sourcing Specialist. In this position, you will need knowledge of finding the perfect candidates and fluency in the use of social media. In return, we offer participation in interesting projects and work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our requirements:

  • at least two years of experience in a similar position
  • experience in searching for candidates via social media
  • knowledge of ATS tools
  • ability to search for candidates using non-standard methods
  • out of the box thinking
  • excellent communication skills
  • goal-orientation
  • excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • knowledge of the English language

Your responsibilities:

  • searching for candidates using social media and specialized platforms
  • creating interesting content for advertisements and personalized messages
  • analysis of candidate portfolios and profiles
  • building a network of potential candidates
  • establishing the first contact with candidates
  • activation of candidates from the base
  • cooperation with HR Managers and recruiters
  • taking care of the positive image of the employer
  • reporting your work


  • the opportunity to develop and improve your competences within interesting projects
  • work in a well-coordinated team of specialists in their field
  • great freedom in making decisions
  • working with the most modern toolset
  • team integration events and endless coffee and tea

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