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Recruiting for the Industrial Machinery Mechanic position?

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What Industrial Machinery Mechanic does?

An Industrial Machinery Mechanic is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and configuration of industrial machinery and equipment, ensuring their smooth operation.

Hiring for Industrial Machinery Mechanic role?
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Role in the organization:​

We're looking for an Industrial Machinery Mechanic to join our team, someone with experience in operating and repairing various types of industrial machinery. If you're a person with technical skills, adept at diagnosing faults, and eager to develop in the industrial sector, we warmly welcome you to apply. Check below for what we offer and what we expect for this position.

Our requirements

  • Experience in operating and repairing industrial machinery
  • Knowledge of machinery and equipment mechanics
  • Ability to diagnose faults and perform repairs
  • Teamwork skills
  • Precision and reliability in performing duties
  • Resilience to stress and ability to work in industrial conditions

Your responsibilities

  • Diagnosing faults and malfunctions in industrial machinery
  • Repairing and maintaining machinery, and replacing damaged parts
  • Configuring machinery according to production requirements
  • Maintaining machinery in good technical condition and ensuring its efficiency
  • Collaborating with other members of the technical team
  • Documenting performed work and diagnoses

What we offer?

  • Salary range: from 4500 PLN to 6000 PLN per month, depending on experience and skills
  • Employment contract or B2B
  • Private medical care
  • Materials and tools provided by the company
  • Possibility to participate in industry-specific training
  • Flexible working hours
  • Additional social benefits are welcome
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