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What Tiler does?

A Tiler is responsible for laying ceramic tiles, glaze, and terracotta in rooms, both on walls and floors.

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Role in the organization:​

We are looking for a Tiler to join our team, a passionate worker with a strong command of laying ceramic tiles. If you are someone who values precision, aesthetics, and accuracy in your work, join us. Check below for what we offer and expect in this position.

Our requirements

  • Experience in laying ceramic tiles
  • Knowledge of tiling techniques
  • Ability to read technical drawings
  • Precision and accuracy in work
  • Physical endurance
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Manual dexterity

Your responsibilities

  • Laying ceramic tiles on walls and floors
  • Preparing substrates for tile laying
  • Cutting and shaping tiles
  • Installation of finishing elements
  • Ensuring aesthetic completion of work
  • Adhering to health and safety regulations

What we offer?

  • Salary range: 4500-5500 PLN gross per month
  • Employment contract
  • Private medical care
  • Possibility of training and professional development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Additional benefits: sports card, multisport card, group insurance
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