Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic job description

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Recruiting for the Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic position?

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What Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic does?

A Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic is responsible for repairing and maintaining commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and vans. They perform technical inspections, diagnose faults, and repair mechanical and electrical components of heavy-duty vehicles.

Hiring for Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic role?
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Role in the organization:​

We're looking for an experienced Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic to join our team, someone with extensive knowledge of heavy vehicle repairs. We need someone who can quickly and efficiently diagnose faults and make effective repairs. If you're passionate about automotive mechanics, and repairing heavy trucks is not just a job but also a hobby for you, then we're waiting for you! Check below for what we offer and expect for this position.

Our requirements

  • Professional experience as a Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic
  • Knowledge of vehicle mechanics
  • Ability to diagnose mechanical and electrical faults
  • Practical experience in heavy truck repairs
  • Good work organization and ability to work independently
  • Driving license category B (preferred)
  • Knowledge of specialized workshop equipment operation
  • Ability to work in a team

Your responsibilities

  • Performing inspections and repairs of heavy-duty vehicles
  • Diagnosing mechanical and electrical faults
  • Performing technical inspections
  • Adjusting and replacing mechanical and electronic components
  • Determining causes of breakdowns and repairing mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems
  • Operation and maintenance of workshop tools and equipment

What we offer?

  • Salary range: from 4500 PLN to 5500 PLN gross per month
  • Employment contract
  • Private medical care
  • Training materials
  • Possibility to acquire additional qualifications
  • Flexible working hours
  • Social package (sports card, meal vouchers)
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