Photovoltaic Panel Installer job description

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Recruiting for the Photovoltaic Panel Installer position?

You are starting recruitment in your company for the position of Photovoltaic Panel Installer and you’re wondering how to approach writing a job offer? We’re here to help. Below, we have prepared a brief guide that will explain to you what a Photovoltaic Panel Installer does. Once you’ve read it, feel free to use our job offer template in your recruitment. In full – or as inspiration 🙂

What Photovoltaic Panel Installer does?

A Photovoltaic Panel Installer is responsible for installing solar panels on the roofs of houses or commercial buildings, ensuring their proper arrangement, connection, and integration with the electrical grid.

Hiring for Photovoltaic Panel Installer role?
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Role in the organization:​

We are looking for a Photovoltaic Panel Installer to join our team, an enthusiast of renewable energy who enjoys working outdoors. If you are interested in contributing to the future of sustainable energy and have a technical aptitude, we warmly welcome you aboard. Check below what we offer and what we expect for this position.

Our requirements

  • Experience in installing photovoltaic panels
  • Knowledge of electrical systems and basic installation techniques
  • Ability to work at heights
  • Clear problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail and precision in work
  • Comfortable working outdoors in various weather conditions
  • Good communication skills and teamwork abilities
  • Driver's license category B
  • Familiarity with regulations and standards related to solar energy
  • Ability to read technical drawings and specifications

Your responsibilities

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on roofs
  • Ensuring proper arrangement and connection of panels
  • Connecting panels to electrical systems
  • Testing and troubleshooting installed systems
  • Adhering to safety standards and protocols
  • Providing on-site assistance and support
  • Completing documentation related to installation
  • Participating in training and professional development

What we offer?

  • Salary range: 5000-7000 PLN gross per month
  • Employment contract or B2B
  • Private medical care
  • Possibility of professional development in the photovoltaic industry
  • Training in solar panel installation
  • Friendly and supportive work environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Employee discounts on photovoltaic products
  • Organized team-building events
  • Access to employee assistance programs
  • Paid vacation and holidays
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