Full Stack Developer

Starting recruitment for Full Stack Developer position?
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Recruiting for the Full Stack Developer position?

Are you starting your recruiting process for the position of Full Stack Developer in your company and wondering how to start creating a job offer? We’re here to help. We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you below, which will help you understand what Full Stack Developer is responsible for. Once you have got to know it, feel free to use our job offer template as a whole or as an inspiration in your recruitment.

What does a Full Stack Developer do?

Full Stack Developer combines the competences of Front-end and Back-end Developer. He is responsible for the implementation of visual elements that are visible to users and which they interact with in the web application, and for the part of a given page or application that is invisible to the user.

Role in the organization:​

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer – a technology enthusiast eager to seamless implementation of various solutions in ongoing projects. If you are interested in technological innovations and are still looking for new sources of knowledge, we would like to welcome you on board. Check below what we offer and what we expect.

Our requirements:

  • at least two years of experience in a similar position
  • experience in software development
  • knowledge of Front-end and Back-end languages
  • knowledge of databases, web servers and UI / UX rules
  • analytical and organizational skills
  • readiness for continuous self development
  • knowledge of the English language

Your responsibilities:​

  • working with project teams to develop software solutions
  • software design including the visual and the server aspects
  • designing the structure and appearance of websites
  • creating transparent code ensuring the functionality of the application
  • code testing
  • troubleshooting and software updates
  • creating technical documentation
  • collaboration with other departments to optimize the software
  • continuous self development and tracking of new technologies
  • reporting your work


  • the opportunity to develop and improve your competences within interesting projects
  • work in a well-coordinated team of specialists in their field
  • great freedom in making decisions
  • working with the most modern toolset
  • team integration events and endless coffee and tea

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